Top Destinations

  • Funtana Funtana

    From Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon) in the west to Valkanela Bay on the south, what you will see in front of you is

  • Vrsar Vrsar

    One of the most beautiful towns in Istria, Vrsar (the old Orsera) is situated on a hill overlooking the mouth of the Lim bay.
    The town is nam

  • Poreč Poreč

    The city of Poreč carries the title of the most visited resort in both Istria and Croatia with a good reason.
    Although rewarded numerous time

  • Limski Channel Limski Channel

    Some twenty minutes’ drive north of Rovinj-Rovigno lies a flooded canyon valley - Lim Channel, also known as Lim Bay or Lim Fjord. Lim Channel is

Rent a boat

to Funtana-charter in marina Funtana....

Charter and nautics are principal activities of Funtana charter, which offers brands like Rinker, Bayliner,  Regal, Quicksilver,  Marinello and  Reful for charter.
Our base is in Port Funtana, which is also departure harbour, but it could be any Istrian harbour (Novigrad, Porec, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula…).
Funtana charter offers also possibilities of day charter/cruiser to all customers, with skipper option for daily, weekly and ski rental.

Quality of our service and customer satisfaction is our primary scope, from the first day. New, safely and well-maintained boats with our experienced and competent staff, always at customer’s disposal, are guarantee of quality.

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 parenzana  parenzana2 

Parenzana was a narrow gauge railway which connected Trieste with Porec, operating from 1902 until 1935 and was eliminated due to unprofitability, because of cheaper and faster road transportation.

Project Parenzana II: The renewal of the route of health and friendship (from 09/2009 to 03/2012) is direct sequel of the project PARENZANA I: The route of health and friendship (from 04/2006 to 06/2008).


We suggest to all the nature and adventure lovers to keep discovering the beauties and the cultural and historical monuments of our land riding.

A surrounding full of island, bays and beaches on one part, and with green meadows, hummocks and savory pine woods on the other is expecting you.

Horse centres and ranches organise various itineraries and trekking paths along with the horseback riding school and excursions and other activities in the nature, complete with enjoyments in gastronomic specialties of the area.
Riding is organized in small, non formal groups with the accompaniment of proficient guides and good connoisseurs of the surroundings.

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 walking  walking2 

From Funtana to Vrsar, following the main road, there are 3 kilometres of paved walking path ”Bernardina”.
Once you get to Vrsar, a walk to the top of the ancient part of the town is suggested, since none would miss the breathtaking view from up there. From the bell tower the view gets broader, and there is also an opportunity to see the bells used through centuries.

Istria offers the possibility to discover marvellous and unexplored surroundings. The walking lovers have on their disposal hundreds of kilometres of marked trails, from the easy ones to the heavily practicable. In a direct contact with so much natural beauty, you won’t certainly remain apathetic.
Enjoy the countless beauties of our land walking or taking simple strolls through the nature. This is a recommendation to all the ones who appreciate peace and tranquillity and a relaxing vacation.

dino park funtana


The first Croatian show and theme park is located in the heart of Istria, about 25 minutes drive fromthe Slovenian border, not far away from Poreč. One part of the park is located in an old quarry withmoving dinosaurs in life-size, surrounded by beautiful nature, trees, with more than 1 km woodentrack.

Dinopark Funtana was opened in 2009. Since then, every year the bid has increased to reachthis, what we can offer you today. Besides dinosaurs Dinopark Funtana offers fun, adventureand memorable experience for the whole family. In the park we also provide other types of entertainment.

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 aeropark  aeropark2 
aeropark vrsar

The Sports Airport Vrsar is located is the middle of green fields alongside the Adriatic coast, not far from Lim Channel, a protected natural phenomenon.
Providing panoramic flights over Istria or flights to Venice, the airport is the perfect stop for any inquisitive traveller.

At the Aero park, you can visit an exhibition of old planes, open all year round. There is also a small picture gallery featuring the history of aviation in Istria, an exhibition of artifacts linked to flying, a corner for the kids, and a charming terrace that is partly set under the wing of an old-timer plane, providing a unique experience. Several of the larger airplanes are open to visitors, letting you take a look at the cockpits.


This interesting aquatic world stretches over 81.000 m2, it is only five kilometres away from the coast and has a great geostrategic location at the exit of the Istrian Ypsilon highway (exit Nova Vas), between Novigrad and Brtonigla.Istralandia offers plenty of emotions and excitement with guaranteed high doses of adrenaline on 20 different slides with more than 1.2 kilometres of pipes ranging from high and steep for the bolder ones, through slides with dinghies to the state-of-the-art tubular slides with different angles of inclination.There is also the biggest swimming pool with artificial waves in this part of Europe, where you can surf, swim or float on air dinghies.

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 karting  karting2 

The best racetrack (motodrom) in Croatia, built in 1999 offers safe, exciting and adrenalin-packed fun for individual clients, families and organized groups and team building events.

Located just few minutes away from the center of Poreč, racetrack is open throughout the year. Due to its extensive, high-quality programs, Motodrom Poreč continually fulfills clients' expectations.


Along the littoral of Poreč, from Novigrad on the North until the Lim bay and Rovinj to the South, there are about 20 shallow spots appropriate for diving, going from 4 to 40 metres. A special diving feeling is represented by night diving and the visits to the shipwrecks of sunken ships where the organized diving is permitted.
The most known shipwreck is the Austro-Hungarian travellers’ ship Baron Gautsch, sunken in 1914 close to Rovinj. It is considered one of the most beautiful shipwrecks of the Mediterranean and it has been proclaimed one of the 50 most beautiful diving locations of the world.

Diving centres and clubs offer the possibility of renting and maintenance of the scuba diving equipment, and professional assistance. Thanks to the pleasant sea temperature, diving in Istria is possible through the whole year, especially from May to November.

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 sailing3  sailing 
boat trips
Organised boat trips will offer you an unforgettable experience of the Adriatic, with a view of the infinite sea azure on one side and of the exquisite nature of the unfolding Vrsar coast on the other.
To start with, why not choose a trip to LimBay, where the sea incised into the land for 10 km, and to romantic Rovinj. You can also take a boat trip to the idyllic BrijuniIslands, one of the Croatian national parks whose beauty is owed to the 14 islands and islets.
A day-trip by hydrofoil will take you to the magnificent Venice to see its rich history and culture.
Embark on a singing sea parade to enjoy day-long company and the best the sea can offer – fish, shellfish and crabs in the form of a fish picnic or an exquisite lunch on board of the ship.