From Zelena laguna (Green Lagoon) in the west to Valkanela Bay on the south, what you will see in front of you is the most indented part of the Istrian peninsula...

This is a bird's eye view of Funtana, a place that grew up over water springs where Nature has choreographed of one of the most playful scenes of the Istrian landscape.

If you take just a quick glimpse of the earth from which this lovely place arose, a green oasis of rare beauty will appear to you, framed by the blue Adriatic, whose regular rectangular division of green fields of the hinterland is the work of an ancient orthogonal system of the Roman centuries.

Welcome to the picturesque fishermen's town that breaths a special charm and

the beauty of life at every step. Tailor-made for the common man with one stone palace and a church with a bell tower circled by rows of quiet stony little streets, this place completely and proudly has been a part of the Mediterranean since antiquity.

What you have in front of you are tranquil hours of peace and joy at the sources of friendship.

Do you love a vacation in total harmony with nature? Do you dream of campsites set right by the sea, far away from the city rush, close to an idyllic area circled by olive groves and vineyards instead of amusement parks, shopping centers and the other "blessings" of civilization, even though you are only a fifteen-minute trip far from all of that? Then you are in exactly the right place!

Recently renovated, with significantly elevated standards, attractive beaches with proudly waving Blue Flags, additional sport and entertainment facilities, interesting entertainment programs and an ecologically oriented management, all of these campsites make Funtana one of the most important and attractive camping destinations in Istria and beyond.

If you are longing for a vacation in a direct contact with nature, whichever you choose, you really will not be making a mistake. By the way, there is very good news for passionate walkers – from Perili to Bijela uvala a 1.5 kilometer walking path is being constructed right by the sea, from where the dusks and dawns shall become a new sensation of Funtana!

The open gates of Funtana's private accommodations are overtures to the ode of the good Mediterranean life.

For everyone running after work all year long, trying to keep pace with an ever faster way of life typical of large cities, with thoughts and hands tied to countless technological innovations from the Internet to mobile communications, a summer vacation surrounded by friends is a special luxury.

From the stone houses whitened by the bora, with a picturesque bower that offers shady refuge during the summer, under which the sweetest after-lunch dreams are waiting, and through whose wide-open gates, courtyards, terraces and balconies the delicious aromas of homemade food invite you, to the narrow little streets with stone benches that seem to grow from the facades, waiting for a passerby to stop for a moment, sit down and have a chat with someone – here everything really breaths a special atmosphere.

The open gates of Funtana's private accommodations are overtures to the ode of the good Mediterranean life. And bear well in mind, hurry does not exist here! Come in, take a deep breath and relax! Here life is simply easy and relaxed, following the rhythm of the seasons.

Water means life. Funtana, whose name meaning spring, is a place where you can hear the babble of water in its very name.

Water means life. And Funtana, whose name comes from the Latin word fons or fonticus, meaning spring, is a place where you can hear the babble of water in its very name.

So what is the story of these springs? If you are here for the first time, ask one of the town's gentle inhabitants who will be happy to guide you along the main road to the nicely ordered green area close to the sea, where today children like to play and old people rest their eyes staring at the horizon.

You are close to Šterna and Perili – the famous water springs of Funtana, after which the town has been named. It is the meeting point of many paths, trampled for centuries by many thirsty, curious souls in need of refreshment.

Funtana has more springs than these two, but, right on the sea, they are the most important ones – the ones that blessed Funtana and made it such an important place. Even in antiquity an aqueduct led all the way to the Roman villa in Zelena laguna.

There were less happy times when there was a lack of water during which its value could be compared to that of gold, and people from the surrounding area would walk for hours to the springs of Funtana. The importance and value of the water that was carefully transported in barrels and the so-called kaštelanas from the heaven sent springs to distant destinations was shown in the fact that these transactions were frequently protected by military units because, in all honesty, when the springs dried up, water became a priceless treasure without which there was no life.